When Nordic style meets log design

- Feb 03, 2021-

Nordic style, as the name suggests, is an art design style originated from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and other countries in northern Europe. Its biggest feature is that it advocates the pursuit of natural elements and attaches importance to people themselves. It is simple, natural and not boastful. And more and more log decoration in interior design, which brings comfort, nature and vitality just meet the modern people's longing for green life, also represents the yearning for nature. When the Nordic style meets the log design, what wonderful reaction will it produce?




When Nordic style meets log design, Nordic style and simplicity are combined with log warmth. The natural texture, color and texture of log are fully integrated into the furniture. Light and clean colors are used to set off the natural and warm romantic atmosphere to the greatest extent. Low satiety color is chosen as the background, which is simple, elegant, refreshing and gentle. This is a return to nature and simplicity Really feel, let people enjoy nature, enjoy space.

Nordic style pays attention to green design and environmental protection design. It shows respect and preference for traditional handicrafts and natural materials. Its furniture style is largely reflected in the design of furniture, focusing on functionality, simplified design and concise lines. Besides the practical value of log material itself and the aesthetic feeling of wood itself, it also has the characteristics of green environmental protection and close to nature, which can make it better It reflects the simplicity of advocating nature in the Nordic style.


Nordic style is mainly light color in hue. White, beige and log color are commonly used colors. In terms of material, natural elements are mostly integrated into it. Logs, vines, soft and plain gauze and linen products, etc. the materials and colors used are light and bright neutral colors, and the whole space is soft and comfortable. The decorative design of log furniture is elegant in appearance, and the soft lines make the space elegant and refined.

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Logs are different from other materials in that they have too many traces of artificial decoration. If marble is expensive, concrete is rough and plain, and metal is the favorite of fashion, then the original wood represents a natural and elegant style. Logs basically maintain the original natural appearance, no carving, no affectation, but there is a very special strength and tension, giving people a sense of freshness.

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The raw and unmodified log material is a kind of material with great vitality. It has natural texture, rich texture, elegant and soothing color. The natural color difference and the natural difference of wood grain are not possessed by other decorative materials. Its exquisite texture is the precipitation and accumulation of nature, exuding a simple and natural charm. Pure wood materials can create a simple and perfect feeling.

The Nordic design with log color as the main color creates an overall warm and natural atmosphere. The space of light color soft decoration and log color matching is unified and integrated. If a touch of fresh green plants are interspersed in the chic log furniture, the simple and elegant color will be activated, and the whole space will become more style and level instantly. The combination of Nordic style and log can not only bring people simple and pure space feeling, but also cure the soul.


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