Why Nordic furniture is popular?

- Jan 24, 2021-

1Why is Nordic style furniture popular

The overall presentation is simple

Nordic style furniture can be popular, because its overall gives a small fresh style, color belongs to the light color system, will not give a sudden feeling, the overall look more coordinated. Different from the traditional European style luxury, Nordic style furniture is simple and not simple, the details are well handled, and the overall effect is very good-looking.DSC_0071 1

It has a long history

In fact, Nordic style furniture can be popular, but also with its long history. Nordic style furniture has a history of more than 100 years. It is divided into traditional Nordic style and simple Nordic style. It is very popular in Sweden, Denmark and Morocco. With the integration of global economy, more and more Western styles are introduced into China, which also makes Nordic style furniture recognized by the people.


Wide range of application

Nordic style furniture use a wide range of space, whether large or small, as long as after a certain design, can be placed in Nordic furniture. Generally speaking, it doesn't choose the house type, so it's very convenient for consumers to choose.


Strong functionality

Nordic style furniture, in addition to the pursuit of simple and fashionable appearance, but also the pursuit of functionality, pay attention to the use of furniture, materials and other overall art design. Every piece of furniture has a clear purpose, not a decoration. It really makes the best use of everything.

2.Features and elements of Nordic style furniture

Characteristics of Nordic style furniture

Nordic style furniture features simple and practical, mostly white, abandon the cumbersome decoration, simple and practical, seemingly simple connection, but also hidden mystery, showing the beauty of tempering. Nordic style furniture looks simple, but the log texture can make people feel the freshness of nature, which is suitable for young people with fast pace of life, and feel incomparable comfort at home.

In addition, Nordic style furniture are relatively small, very convenient to use, there will be no difficulty in getting things, so it is known as the "most humane" modern home. Nowadays, Nordic style furniture is also endowed with various styles of fairy tale color, using the combination of natural elements and modern technology to create a variety of theme style home.


Nordic style furniture elements

The combination of straight line and soft curve is the most significant element of Nordic style home. Careful observation of Nordic style cabinets, it is not difficult to find that the lines are extremely smooth, with fashion charm, can be called exquisite art design.

Solid wood is also one of the elements of Nordic style furniture. It usually uses birch, maple, oak, pine and other wood that has not been refined. When used, it will not damage the texture of the wood itself, with unique simplicity, original charm and aesthetic feeling.


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