Will plastic furniture really pollute the indoor environment?

- Mar 26, 2021-

There are many kinds of plastics, and different plastics are suitable for different environments. Whether they will cause pollution and harm health depends on whether the material of the plastic and its use scene are consistent with its properties.


In home life, we are most worried about the plastic material or PVC, which is the most common plastic material that pollutes the indoor environment. This kind of pollutant is a typical fat soluble pollutant, which is more soluble in oil. Therefore, if this kind of problematic PVC products come into contact with our food, especially oily food, it is likely that some pollutants will enter our food and enter our body through diet, resulting in serious health effects.

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And other materials are much safer in the general home environment, such as acrylic, PE, ABS, PP, etc., especially PE and PP are often used in the packaging of food and drinks, which shows its safety. So we should choose the above materials of plastic furniture will better protect the environment, protect their home life.


Therefore, we should try our best to reduce the unnecessary use and improper use of this kind of plastics at home, which will protect our health and safety and our family to a greater extent.

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