Blue Sea Of Furniture Market: Cross Express Logistics

- Mar 16, 2021-

High end furniture and household appliances transportation should ensure the lowest damage rate, and it is enough to cross express transportation in ensuring the safety of goods. 

First, they will carry out waterproof packaging, wooden frame, reinforce packaging according to the characteristics of different goods of customers, and transport them with forklift, tail plate and full box truck. In the process of transportation, the cross express will pass the central monitoring system, GPS tracking and video monitoring of each package. Even the specifications, positions, speed, track, temperature, vibration, cargo information, load status and other information of the vehicle can be monitored in real time, even the surrounding road conditions and cargo status can be visualized. In addition, the terminal fully enclosed van is used for cross express transportation to ensure that the goods can be transported in severe weather. Moreover, the unique "frame type" loading structure applied for by the state patent can fundamentally prevent the overstocking deformation, damage and other abnormalities of the goods during the transportation.


Secondly, the trans express transportation reduces the transportation cost of the customers in the household industry. We all know that the goods with different sizes such as sofa, cabinet, mattress, etc. are not standard parts, so there may not be several items in a truck, which has a problem of transportation cost. Cross express will customize the special transportation scheme for customers. Based on the requirements of customers, the profit of goods and prices will be calculated and the throwing coefficient shall be adjusted within a reasonable range. The cross express also uses big data and AI to achieve cost analysis and cost control, thus providing intelligent decision-making for customers and reducing unnecessary cost consumption of enterprise customers.


For the problem of the time limit of furniture products transportation, the fast-known cross express transportation is more hand-held. Under the multiple guarantee of cross express transportation, the furniture products can be delivered to consumers without damage. The efficient and reassuring services are worth paying.


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