Digital Cultural Transformation Of Furniture Industry

- Mar 21, 2021-

As we all know, the Furniture Fair has always been the annual celebration of the home furnishing industry and the wind vane of the home furnishing market. This year's Furniture Fair is no exception. It aims to explain to the vast number of consumers that my home is the life concept of the whole world.


Create fashionable space scene and bring immersive space experience

In the current consumer market, young people have already become the main force of consumption, and their consumption ideas and consumption patterns are also subverting the market cognition. For example, in the aspect of home decoration, they not only pay attention to the price and products, but also need to choose their own aesthetic products, trying to show their taste through the differentiated home style.


For brands, how to keep up with the trend of the times and provide enough product choices to meet the increasingly "tricky" young people has become a current problem. Lin's wood industry, also an Internet "aborigine", seems to be more likely to empathize with and respond to the behavior pattern, consumption preference and even aesthetic taste of the new generation of young people.


For young people, furniture is not only a kind of functional material, but also represents a kind of attitude towards life. How can a brand cater to the consumers and be a friend of "more understanding" young people?


Enterprises should make use of the inherent advantages of big data operation, accurate and insightful portrait labels of young users, carry out brand-new changes in space design, create personalized space, perfectly integrate rich product categories with space aesthetics, establish good emotional communication resonance and visual sensory enjoyment with young people through immersive scene experience, and deepen consumers' perception and recognition of the brand.


Combined with the current trend of home style, the six personalized home space deeply optimizes the design in terms of color style, home product matching and space scene experience, showing the delicate and comfortable life aesthetics in the fast pace of busy city, which not only meets the personalized needs of young people, but also highlights the youthful vitality of the brand. This is not so much a home space as a fashion gathering place for young people to show their taste. Through the experience of visual sense, we can express the new doctrine of young life.


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