How The Future Trend Of Office Furniture Industry Is Going

- Nov 25, 2019-

According to the data analysis of the office furniture industry in recent years, the market of office furniture industry is becoming more and more personalized. With the rapid growth of consumer groups after the 90's, personalized custom office furniture and intelligent office furniture because in line with the trend of the times, in line with the modern young people advocate personality, show the requirements of self-attractiveand and ushered in high-speed growth. In the era of big data, the office furniture industry will move in the following direction.

1, the traditional office furniture enterprises will change the marketing methods and business philosophy

China's office furniture industry after years of development, office furniture enterprises have not been a small achievement, China has been a larger office furniture producer and exporter. And the traditional office furniture enterprises because of the geographical restrictions of the office furniture market, the local market has been basically saturated, the urgent need to develop new sales channels, and with the improvement of the logistics system, office furniture and other large goods e-commerce is the trend, and the e-commerce market is global, so many office furniture merchants will step into the e-commerce.

And those who adhere to the traditional office furniture enterprises, will be eliminated. But even the development of e-commerce has been unstoppable, for the traditional office furniture enterprises who want to e-commerce, in the trial hydropower platform when the hope that enterprises can do a good job of early investment, logistics, standardization and other issues.

2, office furniture products will be to intelligent development

People are lazy, a famous person said that many patented products are lazy people invented, because lazy people do not bother to do things, but also have to do, so the invention of things instead. The concept of smart furniture has long been circulating, but in reality is not yet, American movies are often seen. The combination of intelligent furniture products break spline of traditional furniture combination model, furniture products are no longer by the manufacturers, but according to customer preferences and the actual situation of the family, office free combination, the wisdom into the furniture, so that furniture has intelligent and fashionable, is the future trend of furniture development, worthy of attention.

3, personalized custom office furniture potential is huge

The quality of office furniture in the domestic market is uneven, product design style is much the same, imitation, resulting in a high degree of product similarity, especially in the office building office furniture, creativity is almost uniform, attractive to today's young people, and because of the lack of design talent, Many office furniture enterprises in the new product development and design when there is no creativity, can not catch the eye of consumers, or some enterprises in the lack of capital investment, brand promotion awareness is poor.

So now more and more enterprises are launching personalized business, or specializing in providing personalized customization business companies. For the new generation of consumers today, unique, personalized more highlight personal taste and charm, but also the specific environment of office space and home space, so custom office furniture has become the industry's most developed industry business opportunities.

4, comfort and health focus on more

For office workers, every day on the two-line, office and bedroom, and in the office time is the longest, sometimes work day down, back pain, so the height of the table and chair comfort is very demanding, which requires the company's product designers, the human body structure and ergonomics have a certain knowledge, to design a comfortable table and chair that fits the human body. Customers' focus on office furniture has also increased to safety, environmental protection, health and individuality, not just in terms of price and aesthetics.

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