How To Survive In The Winter For Furnture Industry?

- Oct 20, 2020-

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Rooted in Shanghai, relying on incomparable resource advantages, China International Furniture Fair has successfully held 26 sessions, and has transformed from pure B2B offline trade platform to a full link platform of export and domestic sales, b2b2p2c online and offline combination, original design exhibition platform and "exhibition shop linkage" trade and design feast.

In addition, Pudong furniture and home furnishing double exhibition has also established a new 14 character strategic policy - double circulation of export and domestic sales, and new online and offline retail, which once again demonstrates the determination and confidence to lead China's furniture industry towards the future.


Li Jing, founder of Red & Y, a young design brand

Yayihua is an old enterprise that has been exporting furniture for more than 20 years. Our overseas customers are very stable. After our products are designed and sent to overseas customers, we have already started to have orders. The original intention of the original design brand red & Y is to make it easier for Chinese consumers to enjoy original design and international quality.

At present, on the one hand, yayihua continues to cooperate with foreign customers through online. On the other hand, it also timely launched first-hand original products for the domestic market. It can be said that the export and domestic sales double circulation.


Brand founder and Design Director Yang Yuyao

Inkware has both foreign trade and domestic sales. For example, in France, there are customers who like our Oriental furniture, and they want to represent us. Originally, we were going to open a shop in Paris, France this year, but we couldn't go there because of the epidemic. This is going out.

Internal circulation must be inevitable. Chinese furniture should serve the Chinese people. Going out represents Chinese culture, not making money. Making money is one aspect, but the key is to carry forward the oriental culture. This is the main thing. Let foreigners like our Oriental culture.

Wanyou home

Chairman Zhang Wensheng

In the future, online space will be very large. At present, we have set up Chinese and English shops and small programs on furniture online shopping.

I suggest that the two online platforms of furniture online purchasing and DTS online exhibition should be carried out for a long time. In this way, we will have two more accurate channels.

Wanyou used to export, but this year we spent a lot of time studying the domestic market demand, including material, style, collocation and so on. In this year's Shanghai furniture exhibition, we also launched two new series for the domestic market, which domestic customers like very much.


Person in charge: Yang Jianwei

Although affected by the epidemic this year, the Shanghai Furniture Fair has done a good job with a large flow of people. The stimulation of Shanghai furniture exhibition on internal circulation is far beyond our expectation. Especially between 12:00 and 3:00 p.m., there is no place in the exhibition hall, and I don't know where people come from.

Shanghai furniture exhibition was originally famous for its export, but I think the domestic sales have been very good in recent years, especially the original design museum.

Enovishen has a layout both online and offline. Online channels are mainly Jingdong and tmall. Most of the offline stores are dealers. Basically, there are stores in the first tier cities in China, and there are about 4000 stores in the world. We also have a lot of hotel partners.

Lu Jiajia

General manager Lu Hua

At present, we don't have much foreign trade channels, because we want to devote ourselves to the Chinese market and do a good job of local brands first. Second, it's very difficult to establish high-end customization online, because what high-end consumers want is one-to-one personalized service. I can't do a large-scale online promotion like a standard product, so we may just export some brands, ideas and designs online.

Through this epidemic, Shanghai Furniture Fair has accelerated the attention and investment on the line, which I think is very good. I also very much agree to form close cooperation with tmall. Lujia is also the first brand of tmall flagship store in China International Furniture Fair. In the future, Lujia will continue to respond to the online promotion of Shanghai furniture fair and select products with full competitiveness suitable for online sales to bring to Chinese consumers.


General manager LV Gang

Affected by the epidemic this year, the state has also advocated internal and external circulation and dual drive, but at present we are not ready to do foreign trade. On the one hand, the cash flow of foreign trade is very big. Second, there is no future for foreign trade in the form of OEM / ODM, so we still need to make our own brand. We will also do foreign trade in the future and develop foreign distributors. This is what we want to do, not just batch processing and production.

As for online and offline new retail, we are still waiting to see. I think the new retail model is very good, but online promotion is not our strong point. We are also willing to try and embrace the Internet, but we use it more as a tool and more in factories, such as building a digital factory, rather than online retail.

Come to the neighborhood

Founder Xue Junteng

At present, we have not developed online channels. As a furniture brand, there will be some conflicts between online and offline. The dealer will give you a lot of opinions, there will be some conflicts, so we mainly focus on offline.

On the other hand, the consumption trend is more and more online. I think it is sooner or later to do online, just to see when it will happen. We will also discuss with dealers how to make the final change.

Yu Jian

Brand Director Wei Xinyun

We now have foreign trade channels. We will directly enter foreign high-end hotels and present them in commercial space like hotels in the form of projects.

I think the combination of online and offline is a trend