New Height Of Furniture Export

- Mar 05, 2021-


With the recent outbreak of the epidemic, city closures and home isolation have been rampant all over the world, once again boosting the "house economy", which is still on fire. Thanks to the "fiscal stimulus" of European and American countries, the purchasing power of consumers has not decreased significantly, but the demand for furniture products has increased instead of decreasing.



Some sellers said that the factories are now operating at the highest capacity. The orders in the third and fourth quarters of this year increased significantly, and the order volume in a single month even increased by 60%. Now the orders have been arranged to April and may next year.

Behind the surge in orders also brought the furniture cross-border export "prosperity"!

Furniture industry is becoming popular

Recently, the General Administration of Customs of the people's Republic of China released the cumulative import and export data of furniture in November and from January to November this year. The total import and export value and export value in November both set the highest monthly records.

In November, the export volume of furniture and its parts was 46.14 billion yuan, an increase of 19.3% over October (38.66 billion yuan); the accumulated export volume from January to November was 365.07 billion yuan, an increase of 11.2% over the same period last year.

The booming furniture market brings the rapid gathering of sellers. For the sellers who participate in it, cross-border furniture is a "craft work" in wealth insurance.

Under the phenomenon of soaring orders, facing the logistics problem of "one cabinet is hard to find", what kind of "winning method" should we seek?

Simple and easy to assemble

However, orders soared, furniture export enterprises are facing "sweet trouble". Since June, many cross-border enterprises have encountered a shortage of containers. Affected by the global epidemic, the speed of container circulation has slowed down, and there has been a shortage of containers in China, even to the point that "one container is hard to find".

A seller Tucao: "container advance booking time is constantly extended, from 10 days to 20 days to a month, never thought that one day we must rely on Yaohao to make complaints about the cabinet."

In the face of logistics problems, convenient and easy to assemble industrial style furniture, because of its characteristics of saving space and facilitating logistics transportation, has won the first place in the logistics circuit! From the platform point of view, as the best-selling sub category of Amazon business office supplies, the current office furniture is becoming more and more portable, light and easy to assemble.

Combined with overseas warehouse to ensure logistics timeliness

As most of the exported furniture are large goods, logistics storage is the key in cross-border transportation. It is suggested to combine the overseas warehouse for return processing and final delivery, so as to grasp the cost of the supply chain. Secondly, to ensure that the packaging is solid, one is for the convenience of warehousing, and the other is to prevent the packaging damage caused by the logistics transportation. We can carry out the drop box test in the early stage and adjust the packaging in time.

After solving the logistics problem, we might as well turn our attention to the cross-border platform. What are the characteristics of the current popular furniture products? What are the main points to pay attention to when selecting products?

Take Amazon as an example

America station

1. Factory level: the quality must reach the standard, 3A packaging refers to the packaging that meets the ista-3a standard; strict requirements on the instructions, simple installation, and materials meet the requirements of the United States (panel furniture can not use solid wood, solid wood is anti-dumping products); for large card cabinets, the factory is required to provide "!" It must be fixed on the wall;

2. packing level: adding multi-layer protective foam to avoid marine damage.

Europe station

Under the condition of free market economy, European large-scale office furniture is a typical "universal product". Consumers' demands for brand and quality are gradually strengthened, and the patent protection of special technology needs every seller to pay special attention to.

Secondly, with the popularity of the concept of creative home, the general office furniture buyers may have DIY requirements, so if the manufacturer has its own factory, then it will have more advantages in sales.

Japan station

1. There are no special requirements for office furniture categories in patents, but when the seller manufactures and sells office furniture, he should remember not to be too similar to famous brands in appearance patents, so as to prevent infringement of appearance patents.

2. The seller does not need to do additional certification. Due to the high distribution fee and customer unit price of the product, it is recommended that the seller with its own factory or supply chain advantage do this kind of product.

When selecting good products for each station, in product promotion, we can also use European Amazon enterprises to buy home page advertising resources, such as "work from home". Such exclusive theme promotion resources can not only drive the sales of new and old products, but also show better brand image in front of buyers.

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