CIFF Has Just Finished .

- Aug 03, 2020-

CIFF (China International Furniture Fair) had just closed  . Affected by the epidemic situation, there are few foreign purchasers, but there is an endless stream of domestic customers. Through the conversation with customers, we found that most of the customers' offline market was very worrying, and they began to look for products suitable for online sales.

We displayed our latest products in the exhibition, especially added some more value-added products, and also won the love of the majority of buyers. And in order to better meet the needs of small and medium-sized purchasers, we also added a consignment service.

In addition, another feature of our company is customization on demand. Because we have our own team and factory to develop and design molds, we can cooperate with customers more deeply and jointly develop products needed in the market, so as to form a strategic cooperation relationship.

Welcome to contact us for any further info, both retailing and wholesaling is welcome. Given us one oppourninty, we will never let you down. Waiting for you here 24 hours a day.