Points To Be Aware Of In The Daily Use Of Office Furniture

- Nov 26, 2019-

Office furniture is for daily work and social activities for the office or work-friendly and equipped with utensils. Since the reform and opening up, China's furniture industry has made great progress, as a branch of the furniture industry, China's office furniture industry with the continuous updating of production technology, variety, the gradual formation of specialized production and management level of continuous improvement, but also achieved rapid development.

An integral part of a modern office is office furniture, which is a long time to accompany the boss of the staff, and sometimes even may affect your mood. So take good care of these office furniture, the following Crown furniture small editor will tell you some of the tips for maintaining office furniture.

Method 1: Conform to wood

People's health care pay attention to conform to human nature, furniture maintenance should also conform to wood, that is, furniture "temper": winter some families are on the heating, people close to the heating is very comfortable, but furniture from the heating faraway, so as not to cause excessive shrinkage of wood due to excessive temperature, resulting in cracking. Summer comes, often rain, furniture should avoid window placement, so as not to be affected by the tide in rainy weather, rising and bad surface, damage to the crucified. Many furniture is also afraid of the wind, especially with surface furniture such as tables, cabinets and other furniture, by the "dry and wet bloating" impact, blowing at the wind mouth for a long time easy to crack, warp.

Method 2: Maintain the desktop

There is a saying: "Cold tables can't make hot tea." "This sentence is in line with the woodiness, because the ambient temperature of the furniture can not be hot and cold. For example, furniture with stone surfaces (such as tables, screens, etc.) cannot be placed outdoors in winter or in the sun in summer to avoid cracking. Oil on the table, can be wiped with alcohol, if there is no alcohol, with a high degree of white wine wipe can also, this is also the old Beijing households commonly used methods.

Method 3: Fabric furniture

The fabric sofa is soft and colorful, so it is often dust-proof and scale-proof. In general, it can be cleaned this way: if it is dusty, just pat it or clean it with a vacuum cleaner. If you accidentally put the drink on the surface, wash it with a neutral detergent and wipe it with a clean cloth. For stubborn stains, or need to be sent to a professional store cleaning. In addition, it is necessary to prevent deformation and extend its life.

Method 4: Leather furniture

So how to maintain the leather furniture? Many managers like to buy leather furniture in their offices and meeting rooms because it is not only elegant in appearance, but also shiny in color and has a good feel. To prevent its soft texture from changing, avoid direct sunlight. During the cleaning process, you can first clean with a neutral detergent, then clean it with water below 30 degrees, and then dry with a soft, dry cotton cloth.

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