Pudong Furniture And Home Furnishing Double Exhibiton Has Successfully Concluded

- Jan 22, 2021-

On September 12, 2020, the 26th China International Furniture Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "furniture exhibition") will be successfully concluded in Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center. At the same time, the 2020 modern Shanghai Fashion Home Furnishing Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "modern exhibition') also came to an end in the Expo exhibition hall the day before (September 11).


 According to the latest statistics after the closing ceremony, the New International Expo Center received a total of 124953 person times, while the World Expo exhibition hall received 38011 person times, exceeding expectations. The net number of domestic visitors was 111511, an increase of 4.8% over 2019. Under the epidemic situation, there are 11268 online and offline overseas visitors from 136 countries and regions - 9446 registered subscribers of DTS online exhibitions, with more than 386000 overseas views, nearly 60 times more than that of overseas websites in the same period last year. Among them, Asia accounted for 49.25%, America 20.84%, Europe 14.79%, Africa 12.36%, Oceania 2.33% and others 0.43%. In the case of entry difficulties, 1822 overseas visitors to the offline exhibition were present. They can be called "iron fans" of Pudong furniture and home furnishing double exhibition.


The furniture exhibition lasts for 5 days and the modern exhibition lasts for 4 days. The double exhibition linkage releases the vitality and essence of Chinese furniture and original design at one time, and 17 professional forums intensively display the industry insight and industry trend facing the future. At the same time, the furniture exhibition is redefined by "double circulation of export and domestic sales, new online and offline retail", providing B2B, B2P, B2C full-service. From all over the world, professional buyers and ordinary visitors from all over the world have once again shared a grand meeting of furniture and home design with high specifications, high quality and high appearance value.


Global furniture boutique

Design leads to a new era


In this year's special environment, although the exhibition area of China International Furniture Exhibition has declined slightly, the popularity of the design gallery has not decreased at all, and the exhibition halls of Dixin, Yazhen, Aibao, inkware, comer and other brands have even burst. Based on wood and wood, Yazhen collided the Oriental concept of "following nature" with Italian aesthetics, and exhibited Gaoding series for the first time. Aibao, together with designer Zeng Jianlong, created a brand new high-end home furnishing brand "zunshang", adding more cultural and spiritual connotation to its functions. With its unique design gene and visual recognition, Yazhen won the unanimous recognition of the "Golden Point Award" jury group and won the "2 awards" In the exhibition site, the ink ware was re engraved with an elegant home painting of Tang and Song dynasties. Inspired by calligraphy, the flowing clouds and flowing water of cursive script and the exquisite elegance of small regular script are all vividly reflected in the transition of furniture trend.


The reason why China International Furniture Fair is refreshing every year is that in addition to the mature brands competing to release new designs, new processes and new ideas in the past year, it is also because of the continuous influx of young brands. LEP ō s, which was founded in 2020, uses the minimalist design language of northern Europe to express the fireworks in life; qinhang home, which came out in 2019, highlights the emotional expression of furniture and utensils, and the new "time" series is skillfully integrated with the elements of champagne, which is as warm as autumn sunshine and intoxicating as wine; UFOU, which was founded in Shanghai in 2018, reappears one year later, bringing "aftertaste" "The intimate resonance of people, furniture and space in the epidemic era" is full of exploration and interest.


Although the epidemic situation was blocked, many international brands still overcame many difficulties and arrived as promised. Six French brands, which have been rooted in China for a long time, come out as a group, with ligne ROSET, sifas, Gami, galipatette, temahome and fermob standing at position C. In addition, brands from the Netherlands, the United States and Australia, such as asiades, marria Yee and boori, are competing. Ligne ROSET freehand space is a French national treasure furniture brand and an old friend of the furniture exhibition. This year, the exhibition hall with many new products, such as pukka sofa and soufflot leisure chair, is still full; sifas, an outdoor furniture brand, brings new color matching of various classic series to the exhibition site, weaving French style freedom and romance with exquisite craftsmanship; it has entered the large household series early and deeply cultivated the Chinese market for more than 20 years Nobilia Belle, which was born in 1829, displays the new products of himolla functional sofa and mange cloakroom. It carries the exquisite design language of the German department, and highlights the new trend of "one-stop whole case".


It is worth mentioning that China International Furniture Fair has always been proud of the design leading industry, which has a new connotation this year. The design and manufacturing ability, craftsmanship spirit, marketing mode and new material application of high-end brands not only attract more and more audience with higher and higher requirements for original design, but also set a model for small and medium-sized furniture enterprises to improve design and build brands.


China furniture high end manufacturing exhibition

New materials boost new potential energy of industry


This year's FMC China In 2020), we have formed a more systematic exhibition hall setting, laid out the furniture industry with industrial advantages, focused on new materials and new accessories, built strong sections such as material boutique hall, furniture leather hall, furniture hardware hall, panel surface decoration and chemical hall, latex home furnishing and materials hall, soft decoration and cloth art hall, promoted the fine development process of the industry, and accelerated the road of China's furniture industry towards high-end manufacturing 4.0 . Lege, Xinhong, otans, QianBaiHui, yimeimo, Kaidi, taiqiang, Saint Noah, rabbit baby, Yihuang and other domestic leading enterprises have participated in the exhibition. Their products cover a wide range of categories, providing a richer choice of materials. Overseas brands such as French wood, Canadian wood, Saba, Alfa, Koyo, Toray, SiC, durak, oke, LINAK and limoss also showed their presence.


At the same time, there are many new technologies and new materials that break through the bottleneck of technology, lead the future trend and meet the diversified needs of the market. There are super fiber leather materials composed of polyester microfiber, which weighs less than 1 gram in 900 km; cationic polyester nylon composite silk fabric with lotus leaf nano waterproof effect; big health product module of music massage; voice control components of smart home; home office lifting accessories more in line with ergonomics; cup-shaped buffer hinge with more comfortable handle, etc. In addition, there are also niche materials that designers like to use, which pursue extremely detailed performance and show rich visual experience for home.


Modern Shanghai Fashion home show

Break through the boundary of design and rebuild a better life


This year's modern show is still amazing. More than 300 exhibitors have jointly created beautiful trendy home furnishings and creative life scenes, and more than 10 colorful design activities have made the audience forget to return. The four-day exhibition received 38011 visitors in total, "Shanghai's leading Lifestyle Exhibition" is worthy of the name.


The "modern decorators" in hall H1, such as Fenghuang Meiju, d.sky home, Xiangdu, ASOs, OPP lighting and Jasper living, compete with each other, including lifestyle, home accessories, carpets, floral aromatherapy, handicrafts, decorative paintings, lighting and other rich categories, providing one-stop soft decoration purchasing demand for professional buyers and designers. H2 pavilion's "creative life", adhering to the principle of "design creates value", the design of designers China international designer Exhibition Fair (DoD) ushers in its ninth year, and has become a big winner of the golden point award and Innovation Award. Zhiyin, etc., Jimu, Lifeng, Suran, Yihu and Jueyi are all on the list. In particular, red design exhibition broke through the boundary of furniture design and manufacturing with five axis numerical control technology, and won five golden point awards - three single product awards, one Designer Award, and one annual gold award of the organizing committee. It has become a golden point harvester for three consecutive years.


Summit Forum: leading the industry and facing the future


The heaviest forum of this year's furniture exhibition is the "home new ecological industry summit". The four-day summit brings together 30 + industry celebrities, involving real estate, furniture, materials, design, Internet and other fields. It interprets the current hot topics at home and abroad, such as double circulation, furniture export, e-commerce empowerment, design change, material supply chain and so on from multiple perspectives. At the same time, it provides face-to-face communication opportunities for upstream and downstream industries and even cross industry mutual empowerment, and promotes and develops more new business opportunities and new channels. For the first time, the jury of golden point award also talked with the audience about the development trend of futuristic home and the Chinese home design under the international frontier vision in the form of theme forum.


The popularity of modern business school is also up to expectations. 64 industry bigwigs and designers, 12 industry chain theme forums, with a very forward-looking point of view to deliver value to the audience. From the development of whole decoration, new home retail in shopping center, home buyer economy, to intelligent Internet, live e-commerce, and home consumption trend, the forum was full of popularity and enthusiastic response. The online live broadcast of modern business school opened simultaneously, with the maximum number of viewers exceeding 29000.


In particular, Alibaba laiping and China International Furniture Exhibition jointly built the home furnishing supply chain and the cooperation forum for collective stores to enter the shopping center, and cooperated with China Department Store Association and China Furniture Association to deeply analyze the operation mode of home furnishing products entering the shopping center and laiping (Alibaba's home furnishing e-commerce platform) from the perspective of supply chain. Mr. Wang Mingliang, founder and director of Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd., said in the forum, "China International Furniture Exhibition will conform to the development of the times, advance and retreat together with the participating enterprises, plan to completely transform the new retail, and establish a new starting point of an efficient supply chain ecosystem." The new future home experience field, jointly planned by lie Ping, Shanghai Bohua and elledeco home corridor, connects with many good home objects with tangible lines, creating a super real "online" home experience field Based on the digitalization of the whole link, the home creative exhibition, from scanning the code to understanding the details of goods, to placing orders and receiving goods, does not need to contact the sales staff in the whole process, reconstructs the new experience of offline shopping and purchasing, and becomes the popular gathering place of this year's modern exhibition.


Export and domestic sales double cycle, online and offline new retail


Standing on the height of "leading the industry and facing the future", Pudong furniture and home furnishing double exhibition redefines the furniture exhibition with "double circulation of export and domestic sales, new online and offline retail", and provides B2B, B2P and B2C full services, with 365 days of energy.


DTS online exhibition, launched on August 8, is open to all foreign trade exhibitors free of charge. With the dual platform operation mode of "cloud Exhibition + physical Exhibition", it builds a multi category online trade exhibition platform for foreign trade enterprises, such as furniture, home furnishings, raw and auxiliary materials, so as to promote the efficient connection of cross-border trade supply. So far, DTS has launched 581 enterprises with more than 18300 products. The 12 Zhejiang Merchants' special activities jointly held with Zhejiang Provincial Department of commerce are even more daring to take the lead and create a new channel for online furniture foreign trade. Since its launch, DTS has won the registration and subscription of 9446 professional buyers from 136 countries and regions, with more than 386000 overseas views and 714 inquiries, winning cross-border trade opportunities for 246 furniture export enterprises.


As an online purchasing platform deeply integrated with the exhibition, furniture online purchasing set up six experience areas in the site of China International Furniture Exhibition, which were designed by designer Philip Yap (Philips · ye) combined with purchasing all kinds of household products in Tongzhong and the new online design link, brought six styles of home space display, and created a new concept of "space design productization". It not only provides designers with a direct chain factory and a flexible supply chain, but also can easily complete the design of home selection and soft decoration, showing many possibilities of new retail. There are also "match players" activities, elite buyers plan is also very popular. Game player tiktok tiktok collocation has been broadcast live 10 times, showing the latest design and collocation trend from the exhibition site, and the number of fans on the line has reached 76 thousand. Before the exhibition, 637 professional buyers were provided with online brand recommendation service.


On September 9, the day after the opening of the exhibition, China International Furniture Fair was invited to join, and tmall's official flagship store of the same name was officially launched. As the first domestic exhibition in tmall, we joined hands with the first batch of 30 brands to try B2C strategic development and create a domestic precedent. Both sides also held adic Internet trend design award jointly with WGSN at the exhibition site, enabling participating brands to develop domestic market. In the end, more than 70 products from 34 enterprises won the top prize, among which 6 products won the top prize, including Zhiwei's cloud sofa, olovson's electric sofa, MOGA's office chair, livable home's intelligent sofa, Shangjing Niujiao sofa, parklia's outdoor reclining chair and Sophia's electric baby cradle.


 So far, rooted in Shanghai, relying on unparalleled resource advantages, China International Furniture Exhibition has successfully held 26 sessions, and transformed from a pure B2B offline trade platform to a full link platform for export and domestic sales, b2b2p2c online and offline combination, original design exhibition platform and "exhibition store linkage" trade and design feast.


 All the past is the preface. The successful conclusion of the last 365 days is also the new starting point of the next 365 days. To this end, Pudong furniture and Home Furnishing Exhibition has established a new 14 word strategic policy - double circulation of export and domestic sales, new online and offline retail, which once again demonstrates the determination and confidence to lead China's furniture industry in the future.


In the future, September 7-11, 2021, the 27th China International Furniture Exhibition and 2021 modern Shanghai Fashion Home Furnishing Exhibition, Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center and Expo exhibition hall, goodbye!