Trend Of Home Design In 2021

- Mar 07, 2021-

trend of home design in 2021


Trend one: color enrichment

In recent years, all kinds of gray and Morandi have been popular, but now people prefer warm and rich colors. Pantone Pantone, the world's most authoritative color organization, released the 2020 fashion color classic blue Pantone 19-4052. Classic blue is elegant from simplicity, just like the sky at dusk, which can make people feel at ease, comfortable and stable.

In addition to classic blue, there are clear water blue, melon orange and olive green, which are very popular. The deep and light colors match to create a harmonious and comfortable indoor atmosphere.

Trend 2: smart home

With the progress of science and communication technology, the concept of interconnection of all things is gradually rising, and all walks of life have entered the "first year of interconnection". In the proportion of exhibitors of Guangzhou Design Week 2020 which ended last week, Gaoding home and whole house decoration occupy 1 / 3 of the exhibition space of the whole design week. Most of the product displays of these exhibitors are integrated with intelligent systems. It can be seen that the smart home industry is developing rapidly in 2020.

Although smart home is becoming more and more popular, and a variety of single smart products are emerging in the market, when it comes to whole house intelligence, the first impression of most consumers is that "form is greater than demand", The complex operation interface, independent system, single interaction mode, ignored user needs and so on, make people's expectations of the whole house intelligent disappear in one attempt after another. More and more people begin to be dissatisfied with the existing smart home system, which also further drives a new round of home innovation.

Trend 3: integration of guest, restaurant and kitchen

With the development of the times, limited in a separate space cooking or dining has been unable to meet the needs of modern people for the quality of life. More and more attention has been paid to the construction of family social space. More and more people try to turn the kitchen into a social kitchen, connecting the kitchen with the nearby dining room and living room. The space moves smoothly, so that friends and relatives can participate in the cooking process and shorten the distance between people.

Trend 4: home storage and finishing

Now the house price is high, and many families in need are mainly small and medium-sized, so they pay more attention to the use of space. Good storage can give the family a few more square meters of storage space. Even if your family is a large house, the storage must be done well, or sometimes you have to search for something.