Our vision

Our vision is to achieve business growth while reducing adverse environmental impacts and increasing positive social impacts.

Sense of mission

Our business is always driven by a clear sense of mission, an invisible line that connects us to our constituent companies and their social mission to improve health, hygiene and life in the community.

We still believe that enterprises must make positive contributions to solving the challenges facing the world, and this is the only way for enterprises to succeed.Since the establishment of the company, we launched the compass strategy of sustainable development and growth, which clarified our determination to build a long-term sustainable enterprise.

Sustainable development goals

We continue to work towards the ambitious goals that we have set for ourselves: to help more than one billion people improve their Living space by providing them with a warm and humane home,to improve their livelihoods.

We will grow our business based on our strengths: combining our scale and expertise with the understanding of our customers in different markets to continue to provide what people want and need. Our sustainable business model is changing the lives of millions of people and the impact on the environment, and we will continue to make greater contributions. We have also seen evidence that it is improving our business by helping to drive growth and trust, and reducing risk and costs.